Fox Announces 'House' and '24' Crossover Finale

9:15 AM / Posted by Bradford Oman /

Big news from Fox Network for two of its high profile shows. It was announced today that for the season finales of the action-drama 24 and the medical-drama House M.D. that these two worlds will collide for one big 2 hour finale event.

Not all details were revealed since there's still no word on how 24 plans to wrap up the terrorist plans currently on-going, but here's what is known as of now:

  • Dr. Gregory House will first be called upon to attempt to cure and ailing Jack Bauer (after he recently came into contact with a biological weapon) giving House the most difficult task he's had yet: creating a cure.

  • The outcome of the above is given even less time when House must diagnose a terrorist suspect when he suddenly becomes ill in typical House M.D. fashion where no one is sure what the diagnosis is.

  • House's team will not be with him (as House travels to FBI headquarters to meet Jack Bauer) but they will be in contact via phone.

  • The dynamic between Bauer and House will be hilarious and tense.

  • Finally, this will most assuredly be in real time, so House is really working against the clock without any commercials to pass more that five minutes time.
This is the best thing to happen to television since The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. Fans of one show who happen to not be fans of the other won't be confused as an hour long clip show will play before the finale to give people some insight into the characters they may not be so familiar with. If you'd like to see a teaser trailer for this epic television event, head right over here to the official Fox website, because unfortunately the trailer cannot be embedded. Does this get you excited?

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Anonymous on April 1, 2009 at 12:28 PM

hahah xD
April fools

K.nitsua on April 1, 2009 at 2:03 PM

AWESOME, lol...

I was wondering what medical miracle was going to save Jack Bauer - I mean, come on, how is he going to survive a biological weapon agent... DR. House, of course.

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